Baraka technical college-orphans center

A home of blessings giving hope to hopeless and needy children


Baraka technical college-orphans center is a registered non-profit organization based in Kenya, committed to rescuing lives of unfortunate boys and girls who due to abject poverty situation could not access normal education.this is achieved by recruiting the orphaned youth empower them by training vocational skills and releasing them back to the community equipped. 

We are in front line  to delivering  hope to the hopeless by providing Feeding, education, and  alternative home to the homeless orphans, abandoned children in Africa equip them to fight poverty throw innovative skills in this pointing time of poor global economic systems.

This great vision was conceived inside  a heart of Rev john mutuku katundu the founder and the C.E.O in the year 1991 when the lord sent him and his  wife Ruth Ndinda as missionary to plant a church in Sofia market in eastern part of Kenya. During their first year missionary work they noticed a great illiteracy within the community and those termed to be learned were just finished elementary level –primary certificate education. Majority were girls’ dropouts who were forced by parents to marry in exchange of cattle to secure other children’s food.

While others were being introduced into prostitution business in local shopping centers as an alternative way to earn for their living, boys were not spared either tycoons were offering them a day long work to do in exchange 0f a meal plate of maize and beans per day.

This behavior and lifestyle torched the bottom of the  heart of this missionaries and the lord lead them to start baraka youth center just in the church they have finally constructed separate dormitories for boys and girls and classrooms.

This project being a wing of survival and evangelism to the community is taking care of 240 young boys and girls who never continue with formal education due to poverty situation. Majorities are orphans and are over 14 years of age. This center trains them vocational skills like tailoring, mechanics and a little of farming for two years leading to self reliance.

As a church we are also taking care of 60 orphans young children Majority of their parent were eliminated by HIV/AIDS leaving them behind with very old and irresponsible gland parents who are poor of poorest within the community. We are providing for their basic needs like food, medication and uniform among others through a pastoral programme called care and support the needy.

This has been a turning point of many children lives through kind donations and internal funds rising we have made over 2500youths to be self reliance while others have completed their secondary education and are now enjoying the good work of the church as they give thanks to God.

You can be part of this vision please contact us for more details.