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A home of blessings giving hope to hopeless and needy children

                     About Rev john mutuku katundu

Delivering the liberating good news of hope and services to the vulnerable children and the community 

As the first born child of an orphaned father and mother John Katundu grew up in poverty stricken family of nine children. Exposed to famines and droughts he was forced to witness his father’s rejection of the family who abandoned them, leaving behind an indigent wife and a great number of children. In order to survive the mother had to beg for food going from hut to hut and John as the first born tried to help as much as he could by burning charcoal even though at that point he was only nine years old.

Several times the family had to go through two or three days without lunch or breakfast, surviving on a single meal per day – the ultimate they could afford.

His time in elementary school was marked by hardships and tears. Sometimes he would drop out of school simply because he could not afford a school uniform.

However John, a polite and smart child excelled in school and was finally noticed by his English teacher who generously provided him with a uniform enabling him to go back to class. Due to circumstances beyond his control and the experiences that life dealt him, he grew up with a lot of bitterness in his heart. Nevertheless his faithfulness and service in the church evoked compassion Rev. Mahoney’s heart. The Reverend loved John and could always count on him for escort whenever he was traveling. John dreamed of becoming a priest and believed that the lord God of Israel will one day come to rescue and redeem the family from the unmerciful poverty and suffering.

John spent most of his times alone quiet and in deep thoughts. He could be seen looking up to the sky almost as if God would come any second to take him to another beautiful place. He kept pondering on questions about life: “Why did my parents have to choose to live in this part of Kenya where droughts are frequent and food is rare”.

Nonetheless, through the grace of God he finished elementary school and was sponsored by Rev Mahoney, the catholic priest whom he served as an altar boy, to join vocational school where he specialized in garment making.

John performed well and quickly acquired knowledge. Later on he was employed as a tailor in Matuu and later on in Sofia where he worked honestly and humble. His employer valued John’s merit and eventually passed the tailoring shop on to him with full stock and two workers as a wedding gift. This blessing dramatically changed his life from agony and poverty to the better – now dominated by joy and bliss. John was convinced that this life changing experience could only be attributed to God’s mercy.

As a result John rededicated his life to God and learned to forgive his father. He came to understand that God does everything for a predetermined reason: he had to walk a long way of agony to be prepared and equipped for a missionary’s work.

Through his tailoring business he acquired wealth and managed to build a family home in his village and even purchased a car.

One day, however, he simply gave it all away continue with missionary work and pursue his vision.

Missionary john has been delivering the liberating good news of hope and services to the vulnerable children and the community,he is an over seer and dynamic leader of Deliverance church Yatta and Masinga districts  he is a good example of a servant and turning lives of the needy,  freeing them  from the stain and pain of their past and building self reliant, independent professionals and development facilitators, successful families.