Baraka technical college-orphans center

A home of blessings giving hope to hopeless and needy children

    giving hope to hopeless and an alternative home to homeless




The agony of abandoned, orphaned children and their sufferings in Africa in particularly Kenya my mother land provokes my Christian faith staring me into going an extra mile just to save their innocent bleeding lives. Below please share with me a case true story of a young brilliant little total orphan wanjiru who suffered horrible rejection after the death of her mother before Baraka intervened and rescued her life and now enjoying normal life.


Wanjiru is now twelve years old she never saw her father because he divorced her mother when she was not yet born, She was taken by his uncle for up keep after the sudden  death of her mother which occurred when she was less than a year old. Her mother had been confirmed HIV positive before she died in 1998. Unfortunately latter wanjiku suffered rejection in the hands of her uncle, she was physically tortured and molested by her cousins calling her cursed before she was latter deported back to her very old grant parents who could not afford to cater for her medication check-ups and basic needs after they noticed she was HIV positive. The negative attitude of her blood uncle was very painful and remains trauma in the life of little girl, they had physically tried any means to eliminate the girl but thank God  she was rescued to this center which took her to school.

Wanjiru  who is now in class four has accepted her status and she strongly believes to became a pilot when she grows up., “what a wonderful dreams of a little innocent girl whose status was not her choice”.