Baraka technical college-orphans center

A home of blessings giving hope to hopeless and needy children

                                      SUCCESS STORIES OF BARAKA

Baraka is Swahili and translates to blessing – a blessing to the poor, to the

needy, to the helpless.

The Technical College in Sofia, Kenya is such a blessing. It is the achievement

of a man who has sacrificed his life to a mission. The mission of bringing relief

to the poor, encouraging and healing the broken hearted, preaching

deliverance to the captives activating them to rediscover themselves in Christ,

restoring vision to those in despair and demoralized in life and preaching the

acceptable year of the Lord for personal salvation.

 Damaris Mueni Michael’s Testimony


Mrs. Damaris Muein Michael, was born in 1986 as one of six children in Matuu. Her mom being a hairdresser with a struggling business was not able to provide for the family by herself since Damaris’ farther had passed away.

Damaris was still able to attend primary school in Matuu and so did her 4 sister and her brother. But since the family suffered from poverty she could not join secondary school and therefore chose to be trained at Baraka Technical College. Despite the fact that she did not know how to raise the money to pay for the school fees the college enabled her to take tailoring and dress making by sponsoring her. Consequently she started her training at Baraka Technical College at the age of 18.

After graduation from BTC she worked for two years at a tailor shop in Matuu were she performed very well and acquired experience. However she always dreamed of running her own tailoring business. Later on she married, helped working in her husband’s shop “Market Ventures” in Matuu and finally was able to fulfill her dream by opening her own garment shop in 2006. Today she has a little girl and even employs three workers at her shop who depend on her to earn a living. She is now financially stable and also support her mom and siblings with the money she gains from her businesses.

In the present day Damaris proudly says Baraka Technical College opened doors for her that she never imagined to go through.

Simon Ngurie’s Testimony


In 1986 the first son was born to a poor farmer’s family in Sofia. They were blessed with four other children, three sons and one daughter. Since the family had no business the children grew up suffering from droughts and famines but somehow the parents managed to send all of their kids to primary school in Matuu.

Simon Ngurie, the oldest son, was given the opportunity to join Baraka Technical College in 2004 which he valued greatly, being aware of the excellent reputation of the college in the area. There he took the tailoring and dressmaking class that he enjoyed to the fullest.

As commonly practiced by BTC, the college identified potential employers and actively recommended Simon’s skills and talent. Today he still works for “Murembo Designers” in Matuu and describes his life as fulfilling and productive.

The shop’s owner highly appreciates the quality work of Simon Ngurie and is very satisfied with the vocational training of Baraka Technical College as the boy is not the first graduate of the college that the business employs.

Francisca Kilonzo’s Testimony


In 1974 Francisco Kilonzo was the fourth born in a family of altogether 5 boys and 4 girls. Her parents being farmers had a hard time providing for all the children in Matuu, a poverty and drought stricken area.

They still managed to send all their kids to primary school and even enrolled Francisca in secondary school. However due to the lack of money and the generally high school fees she had to drop out of secondary school after only 3 years.

 As a result she joined Baraka Technical College at the age of 20 years and majored in tailoring and dressmaking which she really enjoyed. Overall she describes her experience at the College as a wonderful time.

After her graduation she was employed by BTC as an instructor for her former major. During this time she managed to safe up enough money to start her own tailoring business in Kithimani in 1998 where her husband also had a business.

Ever since she has been very happy about the move of starting her own business and is doing better than she ever imagined.

Now, she even earns enough money to send her two younger children to secondary school and her oldest to college.

Today she employs one other woman at her store called “Frapa Passions” and dreams of further expanding her business. Baraka Technical College not only gave her a lot of opportunities but is also still present in her life since she attends the follow-up meetings on regular basis.


Below meet Angelline muasya who joined this center just after she completed her primary education. Angelline obtained a very good marks to join high school however due to poverty her parents who was not working and were depending on small scale farming never made it.fortunately she heard about Baraka and joined tailoring and dressmaking course.She is now proud to be a teacher a roll model in this center and married to a good christian husband who is a teacher in one of primary school in this district.

 Next to Angelline meet Kisaingu who is now working with United NATIONS as mechanic he joined this center in the year 1997 he is a happy man married with two children.


Below meet Mary Nyambura in wedding gown just after their colorful wedding 2008 December with karanja. Mary joined this center in the year 2003 and finished her course of tailoring and dressmaking she is now working as an instructor and she is happy to be a member of baraka family.