Baraka technical college-orphans center

A home of blessings giving hope to hopeless and needy children

                                            VOLUNTEERS WANTED !



                     Baraka Technical College has made great progress by workingwith volunteers from

all five continents who offered their expertise and experience

in various fields.

 People from countries such as USA, Canada,Portugal, Ghana,

Algeria, Germany, England,

 Australia e.t.c have made valuable contributions to the

projects of BTC.

Therefore the staff is looking forward to working together with

more volunteers in

the near future. The College actively invests in people of all

ages starting from 18,

i.e. retired senior volunteers are also highly appreciated.

Hello Dear potential volunteer!

Thank you so much for taking interest in Hope-Kenya.baraka technical college-orphans center

Baraka technical college-orphans center has two centers one dealing with youth from 17 years of age and above who are taking vocational skill courses and another in Masinga district makutano about 27 kilometers from the main center which deals with small children from 0 year to 16 years these children are learning in near primary schools and come to the home after school.

Who qualifies to volunteer in Kenya
1. Men and women above 18 years of age from all countries, regardless of race, religion.
2. Open minded people who can learn and share new and old skills and knowledge with others.
3. Participants who are willing to adapt to their situation regardless of phobias, fears of distractions.
4. Participants who are development focused. The costs you need to meet are:
Your air ticket to and from the country, visa fees, vaccinations, local travel costs,accommodation costs outside project and insurance, You will also need a weekly budget of around €10 to cover your expenses like bottled water, personal effects, public transport, beverages, entertainment and transport costs to and from project site.

we require Volunteers to help us with the work here which includes:-

In our endeavor to expand our projects and sustain the existing projects, we are seeking an individual to research, write, and follow-up on grant proposals to organizations from around the world.
Creativity would be an advantage to assist with ideas to communicate the needs and aims of the organization.
Grant or funding proposal writing skills, fluent English, good grammar, creative and good communication

This volunteer will work in conjunction with the orphanage staff, and will be responsible with:
-Teach English,maths and any other subject that volunteer will willingly wish to assist in local primary and secondary schools.
- Coordination of our after-school and holiday education program
- Assessment of children academic progress
- Identification of individual strengths and weaknesses
- assist in developing teaching plans and be creative with the resources available
- Coordination of our brand new Research and Learning Centre
housing 3 computers and a library service.

 Teaching qualification (including TEFL)or motor vehicle mechanic ,motor vehicle electrical, garment making skills, would be an advantage but not essential, patience, good with children and youth, self-motivated, creative and willingness to learn

Assist the children caretaker in keeping children focused and engaged in learning activities in ways that enhance creativity, motivation and being positive with life
Responsibilities may include:
•Provide homework help for children, ages 5 -12
•Assist children with art & crafts
• Help with special events, outings etc
•Model and enforce the site program rules consistently and fairly
•Inform program staff of problems or concerns about children’s learning, attitude and behavior

Volunteer must enjoy working with children
•Good and effective verbal communication (most children understand english)
•Good role model for children and youth
•Tolerance and openness to different world views and sensitivity to other cultures and languages
•Willingness to learn, to accept supervision and direction
•Positive attitude
This position involves assisting orphanage staff caring for the children and assisting with daily general chores. Daily chores include laundry work, meal preparation, sweeping, mopping, fetching water, collecting firewood. Childcare duties includes ensuring that children complete their chores, playing games, arts and crafts, assisting children with their homework, assisting with showers/baths. Part of this role can also include becoming involved in the management of orphanage, assisting with weekly budgeting, developing food menus and managing various projects.

REQUIRED SKILLS: experience of working with children would be an advantage, willingness to learn and work, creative, reliable and caring.

The volunteer will accompany local field worker on visits to children living outside the orphanage, visit neighboring villages and local schools as well as meeting with key people in the community to gather information including the number of people living in the child’s family, type of housing and the availability of water, food and clothes. Part of this role is to assist in the development of plans for local families to address issues such as basic hygiene, proper ways of cleaning and cooking food, boiling water for drinking, preventive management of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and typhoid. Volunteers may also assist with administration and management of information.

 health/development skills would be an advantage but not essential, good people skills, experience or desire to care for the needy, hygiene cautious, understanding and patience. Volunteers should note that this role involves walking a lot, as this is the main means of traveling within communities. 

We actively invest in the people who have retired or released from their duties. The organization highly values these men and women, and would want to use them in the work of children regardless how unrelated their past experience may be.

An expressed desire to work with children and poor communities.
An expressed desire to leave the comfort zone

An Administrative Assistant will have the following key responsibilities
• Helping with the administration of the organization
• Development of new marketing means
• Education and integration of new volunteers
• Administration and coordination on site (update manuals, follow-up meetings, ensure a good communication flow between staff and volunteers) Besides your key responsibilities, new projects are always welcome to be set up! as well as working with the children.
Required skills: Experience in business, development or related subjects.

Baraka staff arranges Airport transfers and transportation from the main airport to the project sites. Upon arrival, we offer free orientation for the new volunteers to become acquainted with the local culture, language and project’s work.
All our placements are safe and secure
• Volunteer Accommodation:
While volunteering, volunteers will be accommodated in either a home stay or dormitory situation. Host families have all been carefully selected to provide you with a safe family environment and an insight into Kenyan

The volunteer program enables you to experience life in East Africa and participate in the many programs that we run. You will have the opportunity to try different roles and programs, dependents on your interests and skills. Our volunteers come from all over the world.

At Hope-kenya we place our volunteers with host families or in the orphanage dependents  on the program chosen.

We offer orientation for our new volunteers to become acquainted with the local culture, language and the project work.

Please contact us at ,OR call +254710808503 for any questions or comment don't estate to conduct us.

We look forward to hearing from you! Hope-kenya

              Virtual Volunteering Programme and Fundraising

 You can clothe, feed and educate a child without even boarding a plane!

For volunteers unable to make the journey or for those interested in fund raising for the cost of the programme there are a number of ideas such as walk-a-thons, bake sales and car washes.

Some ideas of how you can help us from home include:

  • Developing unique fundraisers in your town
  • Starting a baraka club at your school, church, or any other convenient location
  • Assisting in finding volunteers or donors
  • Approaching charities, organizations, lobbying local government
  • Local papers, promotion
  • Online campaigns
  • Offering your time to coordinating some volunteers in your home country

If you are willing to donate some of your time to Baraka, please contact us EMAIL or call the number above. Even if you have only a few hours to contribute, our organisation and the orphans could benefit significantly by your participation.