Baraka technical college-orphans center

A home of blessings giving hope to hopeless and needy children

                                         WHAT WE DO

Baraka  which means BLESSINGS in Swahili is a registered non-profit organization based in Kenya, committed to provide education and other services essential for the growth of needy children, particularly orphans, street children and at-risk youth throw the following programs:-

1.youth empowerment through practical skills 

We are at front to fighting poverty through innovative ways,Baraka is involved in youth empowerment by training practical skills  like MECHANIC,DRIVING,TAILORING,ARC WELDING,HAIR DRESSING-SALON,DRIVING,BUSINESS EDUCATION etc to the neglected youth in society who never continue with formal education because of poverty and are over 14 years of age.under this program we rehabilitate them,train,and release them back to community with quality skills making them marketable and self reliance. 

2.children program

baraka being a wing of survival is not only training skills to youth but also involved in Children education program, Orphanage program HIV/AIDS management,Community development service programs, Youth Sports & Activities program Women groups and others

Due to catchments and growth of the project we recently registered a local Christian charity a Non governmental organization by the name YATTA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAME to work in five eastern districts namely YATTA, KITUI, MWINGI, MWALA and MBEERE whose climates are a similar and are characterized as (ASAL) Arid and Semi Arid Land to work with community groups, churches, to alleviate poverty and HIV/AIDS and we are planting jatropha circus as an alternative diesel and gas which is doing very well.



                                      CAPACITY BUILDING TO THE YOUTH IN  VARIOUS COURSES

                                                 PLANTING JATROPHA CIRCUS THE BIO DIESEL PLANT












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